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The purpose of the book is to offer any keen caravanner a little indulgence in their favorite activity. It also goes much further, providing details of techniques that may be used, not only in the basic construction of a caravan and in the modification of ready built caravans, (from raw components and accessories), but also in the building of sophisticated expedition vehicles. By way of example, these techniques are explained with reference to a continuous four month conversion of a panel van that I undertook. This conversion was to my design on my specific requirements.

There are different ways to build a caravan and many possibilities for the internal layout. Each no doubt has it's merits and shortfalls. Ultimately however it is the user who must decide what is the best for him or her and there is no doubt, after all, that the needs of a family of six are unlikely to coincide exactly with those of a hermit.

Nevertheless I have employed many techniques and systems in my van which have evolved over years of experience and which subsequently have proved to meet the design criteria, and work as well, or better then, planned or hoped. It is likely that some or even all of them will offer the reader details and information that may be adapted to their own ambitious projects and applications, no matter how large or small.

Good luck and happy travelling!

John Speed

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