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The Self Build Motorcaravan Handbook

Have you ever looked at a production Motorcaravan and thought that the layout was not perhaps quite what you were looking for?

Did you think that some of the items or appliances were in the wrong places?

Did you think that the sleeping accommodation layout was not what you wanted?

Then why not convert a van to your own design and requirements!!!

Why not alter your existing layout?

You could save thousands of pounds.

This classic book really does look at all aspects of Motorcaravan and caravan conversions and is a must for all Motorcaravan and caravan owners.

From converting a basic van into a fully fitted motorhome or to use it  to update your vehicle.

'Green Flag Breakdown Cover'


John Speed discusses the logic behind all of his design decisions, material choices and construction techniques. Whether you want something similar or are only interested in a vehicle you will use on
UK campsites, reading the book will give you a thorough understanding of everything that should be considered when taking the self-build route. It also makes a good primer for understanding the
quality and durability (or lack thereof) of professional conversions.

Roland Head. Motorhomeplanet

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This Sprinter conversion is a great example of what he has achieved.

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