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What people say about the book.

An excellent book many ideas and resources will be used in my upcoming conversion of a ten ton leyland daf army lorry.

Rob Turner

Hi, received your book, great reading, given me some ideas to help my conversion as I am a first time converter.

I made a couple of basic mistakes but the book or should I say The Bible put me right, I would recommend the book to anyone who is converting for the first time.

Peter Bush   

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the book, I have a selection of pictures of your 814 by my desk at work, its a shame the industry dosen't make something this size with this much 'garage' space.

I love a good design and this is the best motorhome I've seen.

Paul Lowry

 Met you at Weston Park 4x4 Show when you showed my partner Linda and I round your Van and we bought a copy of your book which you kindly signed for us.
Since then it has been our bible; the only book I have found which
acknowledges the existance of campers other than the usual British
"motorhome"! We have reccommended it to lots of friends who have also bought Travel Vans and used it to build their own Vans.

We have built ours now, based on a 1991 Iveco 40.10 WM 4.5 tonne 4x4
military spec' ambulance, built by Iveco as one of eight prototypes based on the TurboDaily but not taken up by the British Army so disposed of with only 10K miles and sold at a fraction of cost! A proving trip to the Isle of Skye last summer showed it to be an excellent vehicle and created
lots of interest so we gave details of the book to even more people! It's
amazing how just seeing a vehicle like this gets people enthusiastic to do
their own: "I've dreamed of such a project for years but never thought it possible but now I've seen yours....!"

This July we set off through France for Spain where we are
involved with the Baja Espana Aragon off-road Rally at Zaragoza, after which we are making our way back via Andorra and the Pyrenees- the first of many such trips we hope!

Thanks again for putting our dreams on the right path at wet and muddy
All the best
Nigel & Linda

Comments: Used your book to fit out a 508 from scratch.Absolutely essential. Toured europe for a year. All systems worked perfectly Thoroughly recommend to the beginner or the more experienced. Top book - many thanks

Peter and Amanda

For all aspects of motor caravanning, we can thoroughly recommend this volume, but for the aspiring handyman wishing to add an appliance or build his complete motorcaravan - we reckon it's absolutely essential.

Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly.

I have obtained a copy of your excellent book ... and it has been read from cover to cover (and back again). I have to say that it is perfect for somebody like myself who is building such an expedition vehicle, or probably even just a personalised motor home ...

Doctor Lawson, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University.

I have found it to be an excellent and well written publication which has certainly taught me an awful lot about all aspects of motor caravan construction.

Dave Hambley, Land Rover 101 Club.

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